My mission is to empower women who, like me, have experienced the pain and scars of unhealed childhood wounds. By sharing my personal journey of self-discovery and healing, I offer women with similar life experiences the tools and guidance to break the bonds of their past; so they too can begin their journey toward recovery.


Shyteria is a passionate writer, speaker, and poet whose cumulative life experiences – leading up to and including childhood trauma – have brought her to a place of better understanding of who she is and how she got here.

A self-described “average girl finding her power,” Shyteria shares life experiences with women who see themselves in her story, are inspired to change, and most importantly, have decided not to surrender to a life of pain and sorrow.

Shyteria’s personal road to healing began in 2017 when professional counseling helped her become more aware of her many unhealed wounds. Feelings of running on empty, struggles with anxiety, Complex PTSD, inner rage, jealously, negative self-image, and even thoughts of suicide all rose to the surface, pushing Shyteria to begin her road to living a better life.

Today, through her moving public speaking engagements, powerful poetry, blog posts, and eBook—Beyond Her Scars, Shyteria transforms lessons learned into relatable stories of hope to educate and empower women experiencing similar unhealed traumas to take the first step on their journey to wholeness.

As her healing journey moves forward, Shyteria continues to tap into more knowledge and professional education in anxiety, depression, trauma, self-worth issues, and the challenges of living in survival mode.

Ultimately, Shyteria’s goal is to utilize her experiences to help every soul she encounters evolve into their empowered post-trauma identity.


The information on this website is a product of Shyteria’s research and personal experiences. Shyteria develops written, and spoken materials based on her interpretation of the research on each topic addressed. By consuming the content on this website, you acknowledge that her comments, written content, spoken topics, and any additional materials are expressions of opinion only.

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